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At first I write stories about my trips in my mother's tongue—Russian. If paragraphs are few words long, then most likely I would translate them to English right away. If they are longer, then, hm, it depends. The biggest motivator for me to translate is when I need retell one of the stories to somebody. So then I sit and do it until the count of Russian and English paragraphs is equal.

There is no indicator for the end-user yet if the story fully translated or not, so here comes the master list of the stories that are 100% in English:

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Support of bots is added.

Now they are processed as the registered users and it is possible to trace ways of theis moving on a site.

Also guest user was deleted. It has allowed to accelerate processing of page.

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So, this is the first english post on my site.

Owing to the last engine update it is possible to post the information in any language. Now site is really multilanguage.