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PSY All Night Stand concert in Seoul

Announcement and ticket purchase


The day of the show

Lights off. Now all merchandise people bought is clearly visible. Show is starting!

Show is on.

The light. PSY was the light director of his own show this time.

Oh yes.

More shots of different songs.

He flew away but promised to come down.

Show is over.

Setlist. Each song is a link to its video. The most spectacular are marked with a heart.
Set 1
  1. 챔피언 Champion
  2. I LUV IT
  3. I Remember You
  4. 내 눈에는 In My Eyes
  5. 나 이런 사람이야 I'm a Guy Like This
  6. Bird
  7. 오늘밤 새 All Night Long
Set 2
  1. We are the One
  2. 나팔바지 Napal Baji
  3. The End
  4. DADDY
  5. 흔들어 주세요 Shake It
  6. 어땠을까 (feat. 헤이즈) What Would Have Been
Set 3
  1. Right Now
  3. 아버지 Father
  4. New Face
  5. Dream
  6. 강남스타일 Gangnam Style
Set 4
  1. 낙원 Paradise
  2. 걱정말아요 그대 Don't Worry
  3. 연예인 Entertainer
  4. 에술이야 It's Art
Encore 1
  1. Dance medley
  2. 기댈곳 Refuge
  3. Rock medley
  4. 마지막 장면 Last Scene
Encore 2
  1. 챔피언 Champion
  2. 강남스타일 Gangnam Style
  3. 언젠가는 Someday

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Energetic songs.

Slow songs.


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