StrongDC++ is a powerful client for sharing files in Direct Connect network by using NMDC and ADC protocols. It is a modification of an original DC++ client and it brings many new features. Sadly, last release was a while ago, but it's still a very good client to share some files. Right after installation you would need to type your name and select folders to share and you are good to go.



Looking for a place to connect to download and share files?

List of popular DC++ hubs

Main features of StrongDC++

Segmented downloading. Files are divided to many parts and they are downloaded from many users in parallel. Checksum guarantees combined parts are identical to an original file.
Partial files sharing. You start sharing segments you've downloaded right away. So as other users. Better speed for everyone.
Customization. You have lots of options to fine-tune: sound notifications, popup windows, smilies, etc.
Disconnect slow users. It frees slots for high-speed exchange.
Bandwidth throttling. Control your network and hard drive utilization.

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