Popular DC++ Hubs

So you have installed a DC++ client software. The next question is where to connect. To a hub! You can find our top-10 list of DC++ hubs below.

  1. dchub://novosibirsk-forever.ru
  2. dchub://dc.milenahub.ru
  3. dchub://allavtovo.ru
  4. dchub://dc.tiera.ru
  5. dchub://dc.fly-server.ru
  6. dchub://dc.filimania.com
  7. dchub://favorite-hub.net
  8. dchub://piknik-dc.ru
  9. dchub://dc.rutrack.net
  10. dchub://stealthhub.ru
  11. dchub://hmn.pp.ru
  12. dchub://dc.megalive.su
  13. dchub://mich-forever.ru
  14. dchub://dc.dcmagnet.ru
  15. dchub://victorina.pp.ua
  16. dchub://triolan.hopto.org
  17. dchub://globalnet.pp.ua
  18. dchub://dchub.in.ua
  19. dchub://dc.elitedc.ru
  20. dchub://hub.odvinsk.ru

Usually, it is just enough to click a link to connect to a hub. However, if it didn't work for you, you can manually copy-paste the address into your DC++ client.


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